3 Signs That Marriage Isn’t Right For You

If you are sitting down and seriously thinking about marriage then you need to wonder if you are showing or feeling these three signs that show that marriage is not the right step for you right now. Getting married for the wrong reasons is a sure fire way of ensuring that the relationship doesn’t last and although you might think that the two of you are perfect for each other, in reality you might be just now but in a couple of years the story could be something completely different.

If she proposed to you in a public place or even just the two of you alone and you said yes then you may have done so to save face or to avoid a sticky situation. You mention that you would like a long engagement in the hope that in time, marriage will feel right and your decision will not feel so wrong but in reality, this moment of clarity will never arrive. She may have caught you off guard and the only logical thing to do was to say yes but if you are regretting the decision now, you are probably making the wrong decision.

If she has been the best thing that has ever happened to you and sorted your life out in more ways than you could imagine then you may think that you owe something to hence the decision to get hitched. This is the second sign that marriage is not the right option for you at this time and you will only end up feeling resentment for her as the long and troublesome years go on. If you are getting married because you owe her something, you are doing it for all of the wrong reasons.

The last sign that you might be showing to prove that marriage is not the right option for you is if you are choosing to get married simply because it seems to be the next logical step. If you have been together for some time and have done all of the rest of the commitment things such as moving in, buying a car together and getting a family dog then the next step would seem to be marriage. The thing is, your relationship is perfect for the rest of you right now but is it going to work in the future? Do you want kids at the same time? Do you want the same things out of life? If you are answering no then you will run into problems!

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